Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Has our Government Betrayed us?


Yesterday I went to go check my mail, after the maintance guy came in to fix Tim's air conditioner. He had to replace the whole unit. Tim has to have AC due to his respiritory issues. And after the last time with GRU- I need to make sure everything is in a working condition for Tim.

I was opening my mail when I discovered I was no longer on Medicaid. I recieved this certification for any "new insurance" I would get. I had to laugh. Where do they expect me to cough up money for another insurance? What, am I rich and don't know about it? I knew this was a joke. Number 1- the letter was dated June 8, 2009. It said that my Medicaid expired on May 31,2009. So why it did it take over 8 days to tell me I no longer have Medicaid and not tell me in an advancement of 30 days? I had to find out afterwards that I no longer have it?!!

I was not a happy camper. I was very angry. I fell apart in tears. I can't tolerate this type of BS from our government. They are stupid! Very stupid!! They really don't get it! I found out I was back on Medically needy and that my share was $734. $734!!! Where am I suppose to come up with $734 a month when my disability is $900. Out of that $900 I am suppose to pay rent ($749), pay utilities (not to mention that GRU is hiking our rates so we are paying 3x's more of our budget), try to buy food, pay on other medical necessary needs for Tim. I was now furious. they wanted me to pay out $734 in medical???? I didn't even have enough funds for my medication! Or pay its monthly premiums. Now this?!!!

I was furious!!! I tried to call the 800 # they gave us. All I got was the run-around. Then I tried the local office and all I got was that I needed to call Tallahassee and I told her what Tallahassee was doing....sending you to this number to that number and then they disconnect you and if you try to dial "0" they say they are to busy to talk to you. She told me that she could NOT help me and she did not know why they took me off the QMB. I had to talk to the Tallahassee office.

Of course, by now I was really furious!!! Why was this happening now?!! Why?! I can't take this type of stress. I had to cancel all my doctor's appointments. I don't have my 20% to give of the allowable. I don't have money for deductibles if I had to go into the hospital. Where do they think I have this type of money???!!!

Although the Child support courts have awarded us Child support, we can't touch it. We can't touch it after spending 15 years for fighting it because then Tim will loose his SSI and his Medicaid. Never mind that we need funds to survive on for needs that our Disability checks can't cough up with. But we can't even touch the very thing that they tell us to go after. You see how stupid our government is?!! Don't tell me to go after child support and then tell me if we accept it they will discontinue the SSI and medicaid!! Do you see the contradiction here? They do nothing but put you into a spinning circle....till you fall on your face and end up homeless. And then they wonder why people go postal on them?!! They provoke people!


So I finally wrote a letter to the Governor of Florida. A Republican at that. Figures. No wonder there are so many homeless and hungry people. They really don't get it!! So I decided to contact my congressman. I knew by doing so they would get the answer. It is a ashame that I had to resort to calling my congressman to find answers because my Republican governor can't give me an answer!! Another one who likes to send people on a "scavenger" hunt for survivor.

Our government is suppose to work for us and instead they do nothing but terrorize us. Please-if you are a foreigner and reading this, don't come to the "good old USA" it is NOT any better here. Our government does nothing but cheat on us. They steal. They lie. They terrorize us. They just do it "quietly" and under the table. They try to act like they are the good people. But they don't tell you what they do behind the doors to cause more harm than good.

So now...I'm waiting for answers. Answers I probably still won't get. I already know where this will take me...to a winding down path. and I know CJ will want to throw me back in the hospital. Well guess what...I can't go. I don't have $1000 for a deductible. And I refuse to be bill for something I know I don't have and won't get. If I can't get help to pay the electric bill or help with food, what makes them think I will get help for a stupid hospital deductible.

I'm trying to figure out if God is trying to tell me something. What lesson am I suppose to learn out of this. Maybe...just maybe Jesus is coming sooner than we think. Thank Goodness. maybe I can watch our government burn in hell from where He sits.

I will smile at Him and I will thank Him.

He will understand why.

I like to think because it is...betrayal!


So I have not heard back from Governor Crist...of course not! However, Tim's Respiritory RN came by to make sure his cough asst. machine was properly adjusted and to check on the Bipap machine and she told me that one of my neighbors went through the same thing recently and they contacted their state and house congressman and they were able to get their medicaid back.

I refuse to let our Government agencies victimize us! Including our children! Now they are playing God?! Ohhh don't get me started! (LOL) I am on a war path with the State of Florida...I will NOT let them win!! With God on my side....we will win!

5:00pm - I recieved a phone call from the local Medicaid office. ( I guess they got a notice from the governor) and they told me that they reason why I was taken off of QMB/Medicaid was due to the increase of my income (disability)...it is like $20 over. I was not happy with the answer because with me on disability and that my disability income should not be the reason -it should be based on need. She also explained my share of cost...so its like i have to visit the hospital every month or the Er to meet that share of cost. What she forgets is that Medicare pays as primary so medicaid or share of cost as 2ndary will take forever to meet that amount. it will NOT work as she thinks it does so no matter what, I'm still stuck with the stupid bill that I can't afford.

The plan to take a break from Tim is now out of the window. Because I just can't afford to take a break if I'm struggling as it is and now this?!!! I'm just fucked over! She also told me that they just found out that this one employee seem to have supress the notices, so no one got a notice. They will be dealing with this tomarrow.

I also told her about the Child support situation. She does not understand why I was told to go after the child support and then the Medicaid office and SSI will contradict themselves. She made a suggestion but I 'm not sure it will work. But I will have to talk to the Child support office and Victor about it.

I'm having anxiety now!! I don't know if anyone gets it. Especially our government. They really are stupid!

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