Sunday, June 14, 2009

Licence to Kill....

Recently I saw the movie "Out of Ashes" have you heard of it. It came out in 2003. It was a very good movie. And as many holocaust movies I've seen, this one seem to hit me the hardest. I don't know why. Alot of my anger came out-not at the Jewish folks but how our political system seem to allow something so cold and cruel to happen.

One of the reasons why the Nazi's destroyed the Jewish community is that they felt there were to many of them-over populated. Stupid reason, right? Other than the Nazi's were just brainwashed to think they were "God" and had the right to kill. Almost like they had the licence to kill. Tortured them. Burnt them alive. Used them as guinie pigs for their experiments. Whatever torture thing to use to belittle and to destroy their dignity. This, of course, is the work of the devil. So much cruelty. Senseless. Inexcusable.

I had a lot of anger from this movie...I cried a lot too. I had to walk away from it a few times due to my anger. I could not understand how our very own government would take things that happened and twist it and make it like it was the Jews fault and that they deserved this treatment.

Please don't get me wrong, I'm not a Jew. However I have lots of friends who are. But that is not the point. The point is that these people were also humans. Humans with feelings. Humans with beliefs. Humans with families. Humans with good education. Humans with hope. Does not sound any different than the rest of us, right? So why were they treated like animals during that time? Not only by the Nazis but by others too.

After seeing that movie and many movies like it, I wonder why are we still here on this earth. Why hadn't Jesus come yet? That was just pure cruelty and I can't imagine why God allowed that to happen to HIS people. We all are HIS people. We all are HIS children. What was the lessons He wanted us to learn? There had to been something, right?

Well then yesterday I had to do something I really didn't want to do. But due to my asthma, I needed to do it for the sake of my health. Two kittens. My landlord knew I was a cat lover and brought over two kittens about 4 weeks old. They were so cute and adorable. I told her I would take them in and help find homes for them. So that I did. I searched for a few good loving homes. And I actually thought I had found homes for them. I even had my neighbor who is a Vet tech to look at them.

By yesterday, no one I knew wanted to take them in. I was disappointed as I wanted them to go to a home instead of the shelter. My cat, Baby came from a shelter. We got her when she was 6 months old. She is now 2 years old and she has grown to be this beautiful cat. I think I spoiled her. She is so beautiful and so loyal and sweet. This cat- listens and loves back unconditionally. She is always so happy to see me come through the door. Tim says's that every time I drive up, she starts to meow meow meow! She knows when mama is home!

So, after 3 days, and watching how so adorable and playful these kittens were, I had to pack them up in a box to take them to the shelter. On the way, they managed to get out of the box. I, of course, was not happy about that. But they found their way back of the van and started playing with each other. Yes!! playing with each other. it was so cute. When I arrived at the Shelter, I put them back into the box and proceeded to take them into the shelter. I didn't wan to do it. I just didn't know what else to do. I couldn't just throw them out the window and hope someone else found them. That would had been pure cruel. Besides, they would had been injured and someone else would had the chore of taking them in. Know what I mean?

So one of the first things the lady behind the county told me that since they have so many kittens -they are overflowing with kittens, that most likely they will be euthanize. I understood this and I understood that most likely Pinkie (white cat) will be due to her fungus and ring worms. I was not in an agreement with it. While waiting for a tech to come out to get them, I had the chance to play with them one more time. Looking into their eyes, I had hope they would understand why there were here. I know they must had been pleading with me to take them back home. I wish I could had. Once the tech came and took them, that was it. I saw them no more.

I walked into my van and headed to Wal-mart to do some grocery shopping. I felt the emptiness. I felt the anger. I felt the sadness. Here was an agency that had the licence to kill these animals but if you did it on your own (not that I would) it would be consider cruelty and a felon. They were going to take these babies and give them an injection and then cream ate them. It reminded me to much of the Holocaust. I could see the wheel barrows of dead cats being rolled over to be cremated. I really began to feel angry again. This is no different then what the Nazi's did. My mind began to play that comparison game and how it was to much the same. Unfortunately, that movie really affected me.

Although I know some of the Jews from the Holocaust survived as some cats do, I still felt the anger and pain of how so many have had to have this senseless death.

I don't know if Pinkie and Teeni survived the night or not. I'm afraid to call to find out. I hope and prayed that they were spared and that they will find a good loving home. The last kitten I brought in there was put down due to the feline leukemia she had. Although I know at times things have to be done to animals....some need to put down so they won't suffer from the injury or illness. I get that. I understand that. But for the most of part of their reasoning because of the "overpopulation???" to me, that I will not agree on nor will I accept. I 'm not really sure if I really do understand it. Its just wrong. These are God's creatures too! I wonder what He thinks of this stupid theory? Does He really understand why we as humans do such cruel things to each other and to animals?
Am I analyzing this to much? I know people have told me that I analyze to often. Maybe I'm trying to find a reasonable answer that I can be happy with (Really??!!!). Or maybe I'm just confuse (as always) and hope to find the right answer and I need to analyze or think out loud to find my answer. It's my nature. Sorry. is Sunday. I want to some chores around the house and maybe watch a few movies on my Netflix Instant Movies. I need to find something to distract my sadness ...even if I know that history has changed all of us...I don't thinking killing over populated cats will.


  1. Dee...just a a comedy.

  2. Hope you're feeling more smiley tonight. I hate going to animal shelters, they make me so freakin' SAD:(

  3. LOL@Beth. Yeah I will!! LOL


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