Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Good bye Oprah!

Hate to say it...but today was the very last show of Oprah Winffrey.  It was a very eduational, learning but yet very loving message to her friends (audience).  This woman amazes me. She is surely a gift from God. I have always said that God sends us all here for a reason-a purpose...whatever it may be we are put here on earth from God as a gift to spread His love.  We all are talented and gifted in so many different ways and God knows how to use all that in all of us.   It has been a sad day to see her and her staff leave ...but hopefully her radio and magazine will continue on to educate and spread the message of love, peace, hope and forgiveness.

Its true though. It is my belief that God gives us gifts and  it is up to us how to use those gifts. We can either uphold Him and shae His grace or we can abuse it and gain absolutely nothing.  

I'm sure you can go back on and listen to her love message to you and embrace it that no only was she God's gift to us but so was her staff, her show and her many guests.

She was right, someone who wanted to be a teacher...we were her classroom-learning...she was our teacher- teaching.  But using our life experiences-the lessons from it as our lesson books.  

well, I'm in pain and my fingers hurt. never realize having a stroke can be so painfull.

Thank you Oprah! We will miss you! We hope to learn more from you still by your other resources of media, including OWN.

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